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 I'd never dance for the man   

The Rollstons tunes on records:::

"Taping Trees" CD
"Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium"
The Rollstons/Boomhauer split CD-ep
"The Rollstons" 7"
"Earth Against World" cd-r
"Doing Time" cd-r
Other tunes

"Taping Trees " CD

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the cd


The tunes are:

  1. College Knowledge
  2. Born To Live
  3. Taping Trees
  4. Little Big Thorn
  5. Ear Cricket
  6. Sandbox
  7. Vitamin D
  8. Taping 3: Sneakers & Sleet
  9. Tell No One
  10. Mammals
  11. Notorious
  12. The Show
  13. Gods Behaving Badly
  14. Taping Trees part 2


All songs written by The Rollstons
© & produced Twin Tone Oy 2004
publ. by Twin Tone Oy

In the picture gallery you can find out the pics from the Taping Trees inside sleeve which I, Ye'r humble suervaant haive pirated and ripped whitta tha scanningh machinnah. Go here!


inside sleeve info:

Distributed by Stupido Records
The album is available in all decent music stores through out the world.

"Hey Ronnie! Why do you look so James Dio? "