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 I'd never dance for the man   

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>> Pics from Lutakko 23.4.2005
>> Pics from Taping Trees sleeves
>> Pics from random gigs and so...
>> Pics from the gig in Jyväskylä 12.10.2002

some promo pictures of the band:

I have heard that in the Tourula-Community times the guys had a habit in weekends to gather around tv-set and watch football and have a pizza within the games. Also rumour has told that there was a guy how had some peculiar way order the pizzas every time. They said it was for some football activities this guy has "törssiny", so to say missed penalties and other that kind of stuff... weird...
the © of the pic by Anssi Koskinen.

"Hey Ronnie! Why do you look so James Dio? "