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 I'd never dance for the man   

The Rollstons tunes on records:::

"Taping Trees" CD
"Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium" CD
The Rollstons/Boomhauer split CD-ep
"The Rollstons" 7"
"Earth Against World" cd-r
"Doing Time" cd-r
Other tunes

"Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium" CD

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The tunes are:::

  1. Translate The Change 2.22
  2. Flannel Blanket 2.04
  3. Weekdays Are Schooldays, Weekends Are Mine 2.47
  4. Still Life With Onions And Garlic 1.56
  5. Depression Grows 2.11
  6. Cherry H. 2.51
  7. Who Would Turn My TV Off ? 2.35
  8. Summerbee 2.06
  9. Theme For OH5TY 1.18
  10. Dead Fly 2.08
  11. Old Age Comes With A Smile 2.21
  12. Balloons 2.33
  13. Exploring The Fingerboard 1.50
  14. The Art of Running 2.37
  15. So Real 4.46
  16. The Tourujoki River 1.30

All songs by the Rollstons
Mikko, Panu, Huli, Tuissi & Kalle

the inside sleeve info:


Recorded in Pirkanmaa during October and November 2002
Recorded & engineered by Tuomas Valo, Ivan Bavard & Kalle Jokinen
Mixed at Headline Studio in Tampere 27-31.1.2003 by Nick Triani
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki

Thank you for daytime helping and nighttime hosting:
Tourula gang, Nixon, Vaskitsa, Steven Kado, Niko, Ilpo, Riku,
Antti H, Mikko Hynninen, Kaari, Susanna, Katja, Henna &
Ville, Tiina & Tolmunen, Kaltsi, Ivan, Lappis, Bubi, Pablo,
Doktor Karmala, Harry Hunks, Red Carpet, ultrasport,
Sister Flo and TV-resistori.

Distributed by Stupido Records
The album is available at all decent music stores through out the world. If not, the store is not decent.
Check also the nice and cool inside-sleeve picture (done by excellent Jussi Saarinen) which pays a hommáge to the legendary place of Tourula community.

"Hey Ronnie! Why do you look so James Dio? "