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The Rollstons tunes on records:::

"Song Folks" CD
"Taping Trees" CD
"Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium" CD
The Rollstons/Boomhauer split CD-ep
"The Rollstons" 7"
"Earth Against World" cd-r
"Doing Time" cd-r
Other tunes

Other tunes

On 28.10.2002 Mikko and Panu were again the quest stars at Nick Triani's 8½ at Radio Helsinki. Missed about 40 minutes from the start but here is a couple of their tunes guys performed:
Wintertime in good ol' MP3 -format and Summerbee which is little choppy but if you ask me, the most excellent performance of the song i've heard...

On 10.06.2002 Midze, Panu and special guest Steve Kado were at the Nick Triani's show 8½ at Radio Helsinki. Nick Triani played some songs from the "Doing Time" album and boys played four songs live. Here is a MP3-tune called Art of Running, snatched from the live web-stream...

The live radio:

You are more than likely to hear The Rollstons if you listen Nick Triani's show 8½ at Radio Helsinki. Grandpa Indie is in ear and air every Tuesday at 15.00 - 17.00

"Hey Ronnie! Why do you look so James Dio? "