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 I'd never dance for the man   

The Rollstons tunes on records:::

"Taping Trees" CD
"Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium"
The Rollstons/Boomhauer split CD-ep
"The Rollstons" 7"
"Earth Against World" cd-r
"Doing Time" cd-r
Other tunes

"Doing Time"

Doing Time cover

Backcover of Doing Time

The tunes are:

  1. theme for OH5TY
  2. balloons
  3. lions
  4. weekdays are schooldays - weekends are mine
  5. coffee break
  6. who could turn my tv off?
  7. so real
  8. golden thief - omenavaras
  9. still life with onions and garlic
  10. depression grows
  11. heartburn
  12. 50 km is occasionally shorter than 5 km
  13. eurovision
  14. summer is over
  15. you don't rock me
  16. few and far between
  17. two microphones and the whole damn kitchen

the rollstons are mikko, huli & panu

the inside sleeve info:


Recorded on 4-track at various apartments in Tampere and Jyväskylä during august and september 2001. All songs by The Rollstons. All instruments played by The Rollstons except those hero guests on special quest for...

tuissi: drums (9,10), guitar (2,4,7), bass (2,4)
kalle: bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (14), slide guitar, banjo (9)
kaari: backing vocals (16) + writing on the covers
kassu, jussi & lauri: handclaps (6)

Go to The Rollstones official site and download some MP3-songs there! You can also buy the album from there by sending email. The prize is almost nothing...

If someone has lyrics can send them hitherto: I'm so poor putting up the words. My mishearing is world top class.

"Hey Ronnie! Why do you look so James Dio? "