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I'd never dance for the man   

Here is short description of the band mates and also some related stuff...

boyz of rollstounss
Hulmander, Mikuli and Mr. Ahonen

At the moment (spring 2007) their live-act members are mainly Midze, Tuissi, Kalle, Ivan and Juho.

  • Midze, aka Mikko Valo. Sings as a leader in the band and plays a guitar. He does most of the music and lyrics.
  • Huli, aka Antti Vallius. The drummer. Plays drums. Pretty good in soccer fields as Midze also is often highlighted as "Mr. Golden Foot"
  • Panu, aka Panu Ahonen. Plays keyboards in band. Also sings and shouts some backing-vocals.
  • Tuissi, aka Tuomas Valo. Brother of Mikko. Plays lead guitar and knows how to play punk rock. Played in a punkrock group called Virkavalta.
  • Kalle, aka Kalle Lehtinen. The multi-instrumentalist of the band. Plays everything everywhere and in Rollstons most of the time bass guitar and sings backing vocals. Plays also in Bonneville Dam alongside with Jussi (Doctor) Karmala
  • Juho, aka Juho Kaitajärvi. Plays keyboards when Panu is centered in the middle of the "family business"
  • Ivan, aka Ivan Bavard. Plays drums and has also a very good kick on football fields...
  • Simo, aka Simo Saukko backing the band with a guitar when Panu is abroad...

There's not much hot burning anecdotes about the boys, but here's some:

  • The band was formed in a year 1999 and in early 2001 Kalle and Tuissi joined the band to strenghten and boost the live-act. They have been undisputable part of The Rollstons since then...
  • The Rollstons name comes after the old keyboard named "Rollston" that Panu has used .
  • The band was first called Randy Völler after the legendary german fussball player Rudi Völler
  • The official site of the band is:

Here are some band-related links :

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Rocktops - At the moment sells the gigs for the band
rhythm barrel records - The label that released their first 7"-vinyl, has also some good descriptions of the band in their site

Dedicated sites:

one chord to another - Descriptions of the band and their records in a fine finnish pop-site. Every finnish pop-music fan must check! - The finnish alternative site has in dedicated band-section some reviews and lot's of articles and gig-reviews so be sure to check'em out...

The VIEW -section :

[ Here you can find some words (interviews) from media ]

[ And here are the reviews of the releases and gigs ]


Some peculiar way I've managed to get the bands bio in my hands. The current bio (22.4.2003) is here:

The product of three years of musical agriculture: a tennis racket.

The Rollstons were born and bred in Jyväskylä, Finland, stretching and banging their limbs aimlessly until the winter of 2002-2003, when they were persuaded by the gentlemen at Stupido Records to put pen to paper in order to sell their souls. Now their first “official” album has seen the light of day – inseminated by their previous musical adventures in the cd-r and vinyl formats. The seeds of “Doing Time” were sown in autumn 2001, the flowers of “Earth against World” blossomed the following autumn, and their untitled 7-inch for Rhythm Barrel was cropped during the very same year. This harvest was further recycled for the growing needs of the ever-demanding market.

On April 11, 2003, their grain can fill your stadium, also.

The members of the group – drummer Huli, keyboard wizard Panu, basist Kalle, and the guitar slinging brothers Tuomas and Mikko (who is also the lead vocalist, due to his omnipotent tendencies) – are probably carrying their instruments and lunch boxes to the nearest train station at this very moment, aiming to dish out their musical products to the hungry and weary masses.

They play short, simple songs – but just long enough for one to grow attached to their fine, subtle detail. In front of a live audience, their songs seem even shorter and tend to end prematurely. Hopefully age and experience will improve their performance and bring depth to their new material. Songs such as “Taping 3: Sneakers and Sleet” and “Little Big Thorn” are just itching to get inscribed on the hard drive.

"I'd never dance for the man"